“Silvia” Black Magic

Sometimes building a pure custom made electric guitar become a legend…

Once upon a time there was a princess who lived in a kingdom far away. She was known not only for her beauty and kindness, but also for her love of music. She sang like a bird and played different kinds of musical instruments. What the princess longed for was a mysterious instrument called a “guitar”.

For many years the king and the queen looked for this mysterious instrument and the musician who play it. Eventually they found him and invited him to play for the princess’s 18th birthday. As he started to play, the princess realized that this was the legendary instrument that she had been dreaming about her entire life. She was enchanted by the amazing sound of the guitar and the talent of the musician. He, on the other hand, was fascinated by her beauty and they fell in love.

 When the king and the queen found out about their love, they got very angry and decided to destroy it. They could not allow their daughter to marry a poor musician who was not worthy of their noble family name. The king and the queen asked the court wizard for advice on this matter and decided that only Black magic could work against true love. The wizard cast a spell to burn the musician’s soul but his love for the princess was so strong that instead of burning, his soul moved into the guitar so he could stay forever with his sweetheart.

 Legend has it that the princess kept the guitar and carried it everywhere with her. Every time she played it, the magical music spread around, reminded her of their great love and she always felt the presence of her beloved. 

Technical specifications:

Body: Bulgarian Sycamore. Special stain color and surface treatment . All handmade by Jeff Stratton www.strattonviolin.com

For treatment the body surface of this custom made electric guitar were not used either chemicals or fire/burning techniques in order not to damage the wood itself or to change its properties!

Neck: One piece, air dried Balkan flamed Maple

  • 9,5″ (241.3mm) fingerboard radius
  • 25,5″ (647.7mm) scale
  • 20mm (0.787″) thickness at the 1-st fret
  • 22mm (0.866″) thickness at the 12-th fret
  • 43mm (1.692″) width at the nut
  • 6mm green Abalone inlay dots
  • Two way/course truss rod

Fingerboard: Balkan Flamed Maple
Construction: Bolt-on, 4 strews ferrules
Tuners: GOTOH
Bridge: KD specially designed and handmade stainless steel bridge: 5-points mounting through stainless steel screws. Stainless steel string saddles, stainless steel controlplate.
The bridge literally last forever!
Frets: 22 Medium Jumbo, Stainless steel
Pickups: Harry Haeussel “Vintage” set
Nut: Camel Bone
Finish: Oil
Strap pins: Standard
Weight: 4kg (8.8lbs)

Copper shielding protects the entire electronic box and pick ups.

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This custom made electric guitar comes with:

Gigbag or HISCOX – KD hard case;
Certificate Of Authenticity;
Set of two KD cleaning towels: