What goes with the guitars?

Gigbag or HISCOX–KD hard case

KD guitars and basses come equipped with either a gig bag or a Hiscox – KD hard case made in the UK especially for us.  Hiscox is a well-known company recognized for its expertise in making cases for musical instruments. Their products deserve to be stamped as ‘the best.’ Just visit their webpage and you will see that none of their competitors can match their quality. The cases weigh only 4kg, are shock-absorbing, pass crash tests for over 500kg, have thermal insulation, steel fixing locks, and an aluminum valance which extends into the base and lid.



Certificate Of Authenticity

All KD guitars and basses are certified. The certificate is an official document which verifies that the instrument has been made by myself, Kostadin Dimitrov (KD), at KD’s Workshop and describes some basic information concerning the instrument – a serial number and date of manufacture. Each certificate is unique, printed on aged-looking paper and it is the main part of all supporting documentation which comes with every single KD instrument.
The certificate can only be issued by KD. No dealer or representative of our brand is authorised to issue one. In the event of a lost certificate – please contact us!


Set of two KD cleaning towels

Every guitar or bass purchased or ordered form us comes with a set of cleaning towels handmade specially for us, stamped with our logo. They are made of a fabric, which easily absorbs dust and fingerprints (especially on high gloss surfaces). The fabric we use in making them is more like velvet. This makes cleaning the instrument’s surface really efficient and removes the risk scratching, especially on instruments coated with softer lacquers. The fabric is more durable compared to the popular microfiber materials, which after a certain period of time loose their effectiveness.
The brown towel is thicker and can be used for intense cleaning in combination with guitar cleaning liquids.
The black towel is much thinner, softer and can be used for regular/daily cleaning.
Both towels can be machine-washed at 30 degrees Celsius.