“Aurora” headless

Designing the KD Aurora headless guitar was quite a challenge for me. While it may look quite simple and ordinary, achieving this look took me a few weeks of thinking, drawing and experimenting to get the best possible design which would make it look like a normal guitar. For me all the headless guitars look like a huge part of the body has been bitten off by a dinosaur, like a huge part of the body is missing. I finally came up with an idea which is quite simple, but also so important that it changes the entire look of the guitar. I preserved the original body contour by adding part of the top wood on the routed cavity for tuning machines. This allows the guitar to remain stable on all types of guitar stands and to remain precisely in the selected place of the strap pin as well as giving perfect comfort to the musician while playing without the strap.

Technical specifications:

Body: Seasoned (9 years) Bulgarian Alder core/center plus super rare heavy figured Bulgarian Maple burl top and back. Walnut veneer lamination between top and the center wood.
Neck: 3 pieces seasoned Bulgarian plain Maple plus two Walnut veneer lamination, CONE CORE construction.

  • 20″ (508mm) fingerboard radius
  • 24,75″ (628,6mm) scale
  • 22 medium Jumbo stainless steel frets
  • 20mm (0.787″) thickness at the 1-st fret
  • 22mm (0.866″) thickness at the 12-th fret
  • 43mm (1.692″) width at the nut
  • Two way/course truss rod
  • Exotic Ebony fingerboard
  • Oval “C” shape neck
  • Nut – Indian water Bull horn

Construction: Bolt-on
Bridge: ABM single fine tuner bridge
Pickups: Haeussel HH set
Bridge: VIN + B A5
Neck: VIN 2A

  • 3-position blade pickup switch
  • TONE – Push/Pull – split coil both pickups

Finish: High gloss Polyester above green stained wood
Strap pins: Standard
Weight: 2.900kg (6.3lbs)

Stainless steel electronic box cover plate.

Copper shielding protects the entire electronic box and pickups.

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This headless guitar comes with:

– Gigbag or HISCOX – KD hard case;
– Certificate Of Authenticity;
– Set of two KD cleaning towels: