Phen Chabby 4-str, version 2

I was wanting an extraordinary look, which could preserve the character of the wood and at the same time make you feel as if you are holding something from out of this world.
Achieving such a difficult goal turned out to be a serious adventure. So I asked my friend Jeff Stratton to join me on the project for this hand carved bass. He enthusiastically accepted the invitation and…here we are!
I must mention two very important things:
– the body shape is 10mm wider and 20mm longer in order to keep the bass balanced;
– no chemicals or fire/burning techniques were used during the treatment of the body surface, in order to avoid damage to the wood itself or a change in its properties.

Technical specification:

Body: Seasoned Bulgarian Alder, hand carved, aged and special color hand-treatment
Neck: Air dried Balkan flamed Maple – 3 pieces

  • 11″ (279.4mm) fingerboard radius
  • 34″ (863.6mm) scale
  • 20mm (0.787″) thickness at the 1-st fret
  • 22mm (0.866″) thickness at the 12-th fret
  • 40mm (1.574″) width at the nut
  • Matching headstock
  • 24 medium Jumbo frets

Fingerboard: Indian Rosewood, inner natural binding
Construction: Bolt-on, 4 screws ferrules
Tuners: KD
Bridge: Individual, 20mm (0.787″) spacing
Pickups: Wilkinson JB, AlNiCo V, open poles
Nut: Ebony
Finish: Acrylic matt
Strap pins: Standard
Hardware: Chrome
Electronics, controls:

  • Active/Passive mode.
  • Switches both pick-ups in series/parallel.
  • TONE/TREBLE control. NOTE! This pot works both in Passive and Active mode!
  • Master VOLUME bridge pickup.
  • Active EQ – Bass control.
  • Master VOLUME neck pickup.

Weight: 3,460kg (7.6lbs)

The 2- band EQ – KD preamp, 9V, works as Cut/Boost.

“Thumb nest” is a very special feature, which I invented in 2011. To indicate KD’s trademark, I usually make a small wood carving in a certain place on the back side of the headstock, somewhere between the tuners. This time I decided to do something completely different. I turned the decorative element into a very useful and helpful feature, which I called a Thumb nest.
I meet musicians every day and all of them have their own biological individualities. Like the length of the fingers or the way they hold the neck while playing. Due to these specifics, for some musicians playing can be met with serious difficulty. So I decided to do something in order to find a solution to the problem. That’s when I came up with the Thumb nest idea.
It took me some time experimenting with it, but the outcome was more than successful! It provides incredibly easy access to the first frets, making the hand flow on the neck and unleashes a great freedom while playing. And the most important thing – it makes the musicians Happy!

Stainless steel electronic box cover plate.

Copper shielding protects the entire electronic box and pick ups.

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Custom options and price are available upon request!

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This fully hand carved bass comes with:

Gigbag or HISCOX – KD hard case;
Certificate Of Authenticity;
Set of two KD cleaning towels:

Video review available in HD (1)

Video review available in HD (2)