The story surrounding the creation of this boutique bass is rather lengthy. In short, I would describe it something like this: quite by chance one day I came across a Maple log, which I bought and immediately cut into. Upon opening it up, I was able to see how uniquely beautiful this log was, for it contained within itself everything a piece of Maple could offer – plain Maple, curly Maple, quilted Maple and spalted Maple. From that moment on I knew what kind of instrument I would craft from this precious material. A few years later, when the material was dry enough, I created the boutique bass – Earthquake

Technical specification:

Body: Original Wooden Mosaic over the entire body top and back. The best selection among all possible varieties of wood material is used — Small Leaf Hard Maple. Wooden pieces in rectangular shapes of different sizes (10mm thick) are expertly hand-glued together for the entire mosaic picture. Every piece of the mosaic is bound with Walnut veneer to intensify the contrast of the connections.
The core of the body is made of Flamed hard Maple. The lid of the electronics box is also made as a piece of mosaic in order to preserve the overall mosaic concept.

Neck: Three pieces small leaf Bulgarian hard Curly Maple, Walnut veneer for lamination, heavy flamed hard Bulgarian Maple headstock application, Walnut veneer lamination.

  • 20,5mm (0.807″) thickness at the 1-st fret
  • 22,5mm (0.885″) thickness of the 12-th fret;
  • 24 Nickel/Silver frets;
  • Side position marks – black dots 2mm;
  • 14″ (355.6mm) fingerboard radius
  • 34″ (863.6mm) scale
  • 43mm (1.692″) width at the nut
  • Nut is made of Stainless steel
  • Matching headstock

A Bass Clef is the symbol of my basses, which is carved on the end of the neck after the 24th fret.

The headstock has rounded corners with a fine, polished KD anti-rust steel logo placed on the top side — and includes a hand-made truss rod cover. The small woodwork on the backside of the headstock makes the style and appearance more elegant and unique.

Fingerboard: Heavy flamed hard Maple fingerboard, natural inner binding
Construction: Neck through
Tuners: KD Machine heads with additionally improved design, which includes new style hand-made buttons, and KD logo in the middle of the lids.
Bridge: Handmade Individual Bridge is designed, invented and developed by KD. The bridge consists of two main parts, Individual string Saddles and a Tail-piece. The Saddles are designed for ease of adjusting the height of the strings through two screws on both sides, and a string saddle for easy intonation. The Tailpiece is specially hand-made for this bass model. There are no visible screws going through the Tailpiece or the body of the Bass. Each part and detail of the bridge is 100% hand-made, which is a guarantee for unique appearance and functionality.
String-spacing: 19mm (0.748″)
Pickups: KD hand-made humbuckers, ceramic magnets, put in wooden boxes in the same color for maximum compatibility with the color and the wood texture of the body
Finish: High gloss Polyester
Strap pins: Standard
Hardware: Chrome
Electronics, controls:

  • Toggle 1: Bridge pickup in Series/Parallel
  • Toggle 2: Neck pickup in Series/Parallel
  • Pot 1: TONE Bridge pickup
  • Pot 2: TONE Neck pickup
  • Pot 3: VOLUME Bridge pickup
  • Pot 4: VOLUME Neck pickup

Pure passive electronic!

Weight: 4,350kg (9.4lbs)

Copper shielding protects the entire electronic box and pickups.

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This boutique bass comes with:

Gigbag or HISCOX – KD hard case;
Certificate Of Authenticity;
Set of two KD cleaning towels: