“The Holly Grail Guitar Show” 2014 – KD’s exhibitor application accepted!

Hello guys!

I am really happy to announce you that KD will take part of the first boutique exhibition of handcrafted musical instruments “The Holy Grail Guitar Show” – November 15-16, 2014, Berlin, Germany, where will be presented the best of what the world of contemporary guitar making has to offer, featuring a wide variety of builders from around the world.
It has been a hard time for the organizers to select the luthiers, which will be attending to the show, having in mind the criteria which every luthier has to cover, and the large list of 300 applications.

This show won’t be just an ordinary show it would be the place and time where all the handcrafter will gather under one roof to show they masterpieces. This is would be the event of the year for every musician and guitarbiulder!

An extraordinary event – and extraordinary instruments (guitars and basses)!
This would be the motto which KD will follow preparing the guitars and basses for the exhibition. There is only one thing I will share with you – I will make absolutely brand new models guitars and basses for this special Show!

Look forward seeing you, guys there!
Regards, KD!

The Holly Grail Guitar Show website: http://www.holygrailguitarshow.com/
The exhibitors list: http://www.holygrailguitarshow.com/exhibitors/