“Turbulence” #002

The KD Turbulence SN#002, 6-String Guitar represents a beautiful combination of local Bulgarian wood and a sporty-elegant-aggressive guitar design. The contemporary Floyd Rose guitar possesses quality and the ability to delight even the most pretentious musical tastes.

The guitar is crafted entirely by hand using rare and beautiful tonewood found in the territory of Bulgaria, known for its proven quality. They are Balkan Maple, Balkan Alder, Balkan Box Elder Burl. The guitar-building process is completely CNC free and takes a minimum of 3 months.

Stabilized Balkan Maple fingerboard is a special feature which provides stability to the neck and reduces contracting and expanding by 90% when the guitar is exposed to dryness or humidity. No more sharp fret edges, no more necessity of frequent neck truss rod adjustment. Sounds exactly like wood, refrets like all other wood, the beauty of the wood is preserved and even enhanced due to the stabilization process, as are the wood and sound properties of the fingerboard.

Another important feature is the Hum-canceling mode. Every single guitar is unique unto itself – they have their own characteristics and differences. This has to be taken into consideration when applying a Hum-canceling system. From the wood materials & sound properties to the electronics and type of pickups and pickup switching – sometimes even a small improvement can be a great challenge to work out. This type of challenge requires a great amount of specific knowledge and skill to resolve such an intricate issue – noise suppression in guitars. The single-coil pickups always bring unnecessary hum-noise. In some special situations the hum-noise can be too much and might require external noise suppressing systems. The Turbulence has this pre-installed. The only thing that needs to be done is to pull up the TONE Push/Pull pot. Then the silence is heard – the full Hum-canceling sound. A huge and special thanks to Baby Thomas for taking part in the Turbulence 6-String Floyd Rose guitar project by designing and creating the Hum-canceling system.

Technical specification:

Body: Selected 7 years seasoned Bulgarian Alder plus Bulgarian ultra-figured and rare Red Spalted Box Elder burl Drop top. Wenge veneer lamination between the top and the back.
Neck: Seasoned Bulgarian Maple three pieces. Cone core construction plus Walnut veneer lamination

  • 16″ (406.4mm) fingerboard radius
  • 25.5″ (647.7mm) scale
  • 20mm (0.787″) thickness at the 1-st fret
  • 22mm  (0.866″) thickness at the 12-th fret
  • 43mm (1.692″) width at the nut
  • Two way/course truss rod
  • Matching headstock
  • Semi-closed Ebony veneer inner binding
  • Walnut veneer lamination between the fingerboard and the neck
  • “Hanging Pearl” style inlay

Fingerboard: Stabilized Maple
Construction: Bolt-on, woodcarving imitating neck-plate
Tuners: Gotoh
Bridge: Gotoh GE 1996T
Frets: 22 Medium jumbo.

  • Bridge – Haeussel VIN B A2
  • Middle – Haeussel ST Blues
  • Neck – Haeussel ST Blues

Nut: Gotoh locking
Electronics, controls:

  • 5-position blade switch
  • TONE

Finish: High gloss polyester. The body is slightly amber colored
Weight: 3,700kg (8,1lbs)

Stainless steel electronic box cover plate.

Copper shielding protects the entire electronic box and pickups.

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This Floyd Rose guitar comes with:

Gigbag or HISCOX – KD hard case;
Certificate Of Authenticity;
Set of two KD cleaning towels: