What goes with the guitars?

Gigbag or HISCOX–KD hard case

KD guitars and basses are equipped with gigbag or HISCOX – KD cases, made specially for us in the UK.
Hiscox is a famous company for making cases for musical instruments. The quality of their products deserve to be stamped as “The best”. Just visit their webpage and you will see that these cases have no analogue on the market!
The cases weight only 4kg, shock save- passes crash test for over 500kg, thermal insulation, steel fixing locks, aluminum valance which extends into the base and lid.


Certificate Of Authenticity

All KD guitars and basses are certified. The Certificate verifies that the instrument has been made by me (KD) and describes some basic and characteristic features. Each Certificate is unique and bears individual and specific information concerning only the instrument which it goes with.


Set of two KD cleaning towels

Every guitar or bass purchased or ordered form us, goes with set of cleaning towels handmade specially for us. They are made of a fabric, which easily absorbs dust and traces from fingers (especially on high gloss surface).
The brown one towel is thicker and can be used for intense cleaning combined with guitar cleaning liquids.
The black one towel is much thinner, softer and it can be used for regular/daily cleaning.
Both towels can be washed machinery on 30 degrees Celsius.