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KD is a brand founded by the European luthier, Kostadin Dimitrov in 1997. Crafting a limited edition of high quality boutique electric guitars and basses is his specialty, which is why he only produces about ten to twenty instruments each year. His focus and attention to the details of each individual guitar takes precedence over churning out mere mass copies.

KD is considered a one-man company, although two people run it – Kostadin Dimitrov and his wife, Silvia Nikolova. Kostadin is the luthier while Silvia supports him in running the marketing side of things. She organizes exhibitions, handles FB page support, does the photography and videos used in adverts and publication materials via her “Yellow Chick studio”.

KD’s philosophy is to create a product that will last a lifetime. He combines excellence in craftsmanship with contemporary guitar design. Using the finest selection of rare materials, he transforms a bare piece of wood into a beautiful instrument that not only looks uniquely beautiful, but also produces a brilliant, distinctive sound. Each instrument comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty ; this is how strongly KD feels about his product.

A few significant differences make KD guitars and basses distinct:

  • ~No Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) router is used in the building of any parts. There is no argument over the benefits of this method. CNC produced guitars vs. hand-crafted guitars – this is a matter of choice. And KD’s answer is simple: the future is in traditions. CNC machines definitely save a lot of work – and thus, time. Numerous instruments can be put together in the time it takes a luthier to craft one, but the most important thing is what the CNC machine also does -It severs the connection between the luthier’s hands and the guitar and he is unable to unleash his energy and spirit into the instrument. Handcrafted guitars bear the reflection of the luthier’s heart and passion. Instruments built under such a passionate influence and energy are like newborn creatures with an individual character, temperament and soul . . . and they bear names like humans do – “Magnifica”, “Silvia”…and sometimes their story of how they are made become a legend – “Black Magic legend”.
  • ~Rare and mostly local Bulgarian (Balkan) wood materials are used to produce KD Guitars and Basses. These materials carry a significant influence in building the individual character of KD’s instruments. Bulgarian tone wood is highly appreciated among luthiers all across the world due to its amazing sound properties. According to legend, it is said that even the Italian luthier Stradivari used Balkan maple and spruce from Bulgaria’s Rhodopi mountain range to produce his acclaimed violins.
  • ~The hardware and electronics used in KD instruments are provided by the best manufacturers in their field: Haeussel pickups, Gotoh, Noll electronics, Hipshot, Schaller, etc.


♪ KD Guitars & Basses Workshop is located in Europe (Sofia, Bulgaria)

Contact us via e-mail: [email protected] или използвайте контактната форма в пълната версия на сайта: Контакт

Feel free to contact us also in Chinese. Thanks to our dear friend Веселин Карастойчев the communication will be made right away! 🙂



♪ Често задавани въпроси

Как доставяме до Китай

For deliveries worldwide, depending on the destination we use the international service EMS, or BG Post. The delivery time varies between 5 and 21 days.

How can I make a custom order?

In order for us to fulfill a custom order, information is of the utmost importance – the more detailed, the better. If you already have an idea in mind about your dream guitar or bass and you are quite clear on what you would like it to be equipped with, simply send me a message with a detailed description. You can use sketches, examples of pictures/photos, hand drawings, etc. Use the list below to note the specifications and parameters, to make it easier to configure your instrument. If your desired specifications or parameters are not listed, you may add them yourself. After you have completed your order, please send it to me. It will be looked at in detail and you will then receive a response with confirmation regarding when your order should be ready.

Basic specification information:

  • Body shape, color, finish and wood material
  • Binding – natural, plastic, color
  • Top – color and material
  • Neck- shapes, construction (bolt-on, neck through, set-in) and material
  • Nut width
  • Number of strings
  • Scale Lengths
  • Fret numbers Size
  • Fingerboard – radius, material
  • Tuning Keys – brand, model, type
  • Headstock style
  • Pickups – brand and type and model
  • Pickup configuration – H,HH, HS, HSH, HSS, SSS
  • Electronics configuration – number of controls and their position
  • Bridge – type and model
  • Finish – type of lacquer and color

How long does it take?

The projected time for completion of a guitar or bass is three months, regardless if it is custom or a model from our site. Depending on the model itself or the complexity of a given design, the projected completion time could be prolonged. Other reasons for prolonging the completion of an order are as follows:

Late delivery of hardware, electronic parts or wood materials
If the design of the model is complex and requires additional labour and diligence
If the materials used require additional processing, such as stabilising wood, for example